Great news, we have been given the go-ahead to offer Firearms Courses again!
We will be offering the following Firearms Courses in MAY:

Hunter Safety Course
Saturday, May 29th 
Online registration is available, here: 

Restricted Firearms Course
Sunday, May 30th 
Online registration is available, here: 

Manitoba Health states: "At this time, we can confirm that the limits on public gatherings do not impact businesses that deliver group training or instruction. However, training businesses
are required to ensure that areas of instruction are restricted to 50% capacity of the premises and that the number of students does not exceed 25. Additionally, measures must be implemented
to ensure that there is two metre separation between people attending, including the instructor. The restrictions in place related to group training apply to all areas of the province."

CFSC/CRFSC Instruction - COVID 19 Protocols
The following guidelines have been prepared as set out by the Province of Manitoba and must be adhered to for instructors to resume conducting the Canadian Firearms Safety Course/Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course:
1. Class size must not exceed 12 students. One instructor, twelve students; two instructors, twelve students; if there is sufficient space in the classroom to maintain social distancing
2. Classrooms must be set up with the required two meters between each student and the desks and chairs, and other shared equipment wiped down with disinfectant wipes prior to class
3. Students must complete, sign and date the Government of Canada Self-Assessment Tool and provide the form tot he instructor prior to the commencement of class. All answers must be "No" to allow the student to participate
4. Masks are mandatory 
5. Hand sanitizer must be available for students on entering the classroom and during the training period
6. Firearms must be wiped down with disinfecting wipes after each student handles them
7. Dummy ammunition must be wiped with sanitizer or disinfecting wipes after each student handles it