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Parks and Playgrounds

Dauphin Recreation Services maintains eleven parks inside the City of Dauphin and an additional four parks in the RM of Dauphin.  During the summer months Dauphin Recreation Services is responsible for hanging and maintaining the flower pots on Main Street and in the core downtown area as well as the tree replacement program around town.

Vermillion Park

  • Campsites
  • Summer walking trails
  • Splashpark & Playground
  • Winter snowshoeing & cross country ski trails
  • Covered picnic area
  • Showers/Washrooms

Berry Patch

(Corner of 1st Avenue N.W. and 2nd Street N.W.)
  • Beautiful perennial plants & shrub garden
  • Rest area

CN Park

(Corner of Main Street N. and 1st Avenue N.W.)
  • Walking path
  • Flower beds

Gartmore Park

(Corner of Main Street S. and 6th Avenue S.W.)
  • Lighted walking path and rest areas
  • Picnic tables, rest areas and flower beds

Kerr Avenue Playground

(East end of Kerr Avenue)
  • Climbing structure, swing set and slide

Kinette Park

(Corner of 5th Avenue S.W. and 2nd Street S.W.)
  • Large play structure
  • 4 person swivel teeter-totter
  • Swing set
  • Picnic table and bench
  • Balance beam

Kirby Park

(Corner of Kirby Avenue W. and Hedderly Street)
  • Climbing structure, slide, tot slide and Swing set

McDonald’s Playground

(Parkland Recreation Complex 200 1st Street S.E.)
  • Multi component play structure (wheelchair accessible)
  • Swing set, glide ride and kiddie rocker
  • Picnic tables

Park Crescent Playground

(Park Crescent)
  • Swing set, slide and tot slide

Pioneer Park

(West end of Whitmore Avenue S.W. behind Parkland Crossing)
  • Picnic areas and Pioneer Memorial Cairn

West End Park

(Corner of Railway Avenue and William Street)
  • Large play structure, slide, swing set and tot slide (Municipal)